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Finding Civility in Differing Opinions


PolicyWorks staffer Jessica Maldonado highlights the need for more civility in politics and the workplace in a recent guest editorial for the Des Moines Business Record's "Lift Iowa" publication. Here is an excerpt: 

The 2016 election highlighted the divides in our country, but instead of coming together since then, the divides seem to be deepening. 
Whether it's the news source you frequent or your friends list on Facebook, people have begun to only tune in or interact with people who share the same viewpoints. This dangerous habit has led to a lack of civility in interactions with people of differing political thoughts.

I was fortunate to grow up with parents who had differing political views. Every election year spurred political debates during dinner, and I am a more thoughtful person because of it. Their civil debate and friendly banter helped me know it's OK to speak up when you don't agree -- and this same scenario can often be found in the workplace.
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