Government Affairs

Keep Iowa Solar on a Growth Path


As the Iowa legislature looked to rewrite energy laws, ISETA CEO Tim Dwight penned a compelling op-ed about why solar is important it Iowa's energy growth strategy.

"Iowa’s solar industry has equally robust potential, and the recent National Solar Jobs Census (recently released by the Solar Foundation) found that Iowa’s solar job market grew by 45 percent in 2017 — the third fastest growth in the nation.

"That strong growth is a testament to smart and effective actions by state leaders. Many homeowners, farmers and businesses have invested in on-site solar installations thanks to a modest state tax credit. As a result, Iowa has more distributed solar energy installed than most states in the Midwest and Great Plains. You can find solar projects in every one of Iowa’s 99 counties and the economic benefits of that activity has been spread across the state."

Click here to read the Cedar Rapids Gazette op-ed.