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New Poll: Iowans Support Clean Power Plan and Economic Growth in Renewable Energy Industry


Solar energy panels - imageA new poll released today by the Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association (ISETA) shows strong support among Iowa voters for the Clean Power Plan because of its ability to spur economic growth in Iowa’s renewable energy industry.

The poll, by Public Policy Polling, finds that there’s overwhelming support in Iowa for the Clean Power Plan because it will benefit the Iowa economy. A key finding from the survey is the bipartisan support for renewable energy as 78% of voters believe that renewable electricity sources like solar and wind power are important to invest in, including 95% of Democrats, 82% of independents and 62% of Republicans.

"The maturing solar energy industry in Iowa has seen huge growth with $36 million invested on solar installations in 2014 alone," said Tim Dwight, President of ISETA. "The Clean Power Plan will enhance Iowa's position as a renewable energy power house and enable us to further harness this natural resource. While Iowa ranks 16th nationally in sun potential, we rank just 31st for installed solar systems with just more than 20MW installed at the end of 2014. We can do better than that, and the Clean Power Plan provides incentive to do so.”

The survey found that 49% think reducing the use of coal and increasing the use of renewable energy sources will help create more Iowa jobs, compared to only 16% who think it will result in job losses for the state. Those numbers are an outgrowth of 78% of Iowans believing it’s important to make new investments in renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

“Average installed residential and commercial system prices have dropped steadily across the nation,” Dwight said. “Prices dropped 12% from last year and 45% from 2010, making solar a competitive option for Iowans. In 2014, approximately 12MW of solar capacity was installed in Iowa, which was three times what was installed in 2013.”

In addition, 60% of voters in the state generally support the new EPA limits on carbon emissions from power plants, compared to only 36% who oppose them. When it comes to the specific goal of a 41% reduction in carbon pollution for Iowa by 2030, voters are even more supportive, with 65% in support of it to only 34% against.

The response on the Clean Power Plan is clear- Iowans see the impact on the economy and want to see it move forward.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 504 Iowa voters on August 6th and 7th on behalf of ISETA. The survey’s margin of error is +/-4.4%. Visit www.iowaseta.org to view the full survey results.


The Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association is a professional organization dedicated to excellence in safety, quality of workmanship and technical standards for the benefit of the solar photovoltaic and solar thermal industry and its clients in the state of Iowa through public policy, public relations and education.