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PolicyWorks and Selzer Co. create strategic partnership


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PolicyWorks, a Des Moines-based public affairs and public relations firm, said today it’s established a key strategic partnership with Selzer & Co., a nationally known public-opinion research firm based in West Des Moines.

Selzer & Co., founded by J. Ann Selzer, specializes in detailed opinion research and strategic message development. It works for many of America’s top media outlets, as well as Fortune 500 companies and the financial services industry.

“Over the last several years, we’ve worked with Selzer & Co. on several high profile client issues,” stated Robert Haus, vice president of public affairs PolicyWorks. “In each of those instances, we needed not only research, but a keen understanding of the factors, elements and nuances inside the numbers. Ann was able to bring the data to life, and worked closely with us to develop strategic messaging to achieve our client’s goals.”

“An understanding of research is in PolicyWorks’ DNA. They bring vision to design that helps us craft smarter, more effective research to serve their clients at a deeper level. It is a joy to work with them,“ Selzer said.

“When our clients need intelligence into their industries and public opinion, Selzer & Co. will be at the table with us as a key partner,” said Haus. “Decision makers also want to know what the public thinks—and having Ann as a partner to measure the public’s pulse will help us create campaigns to close the communications gap and ensure the public’s voice is being heard.”

Haus and John Cacciatore lead the PolicyWorks public affairs team. Cacciatore served as chief of staff, policy director and campaign manager for Gov. Tom Vilsack, among holding other positions.