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Dozens of Eastern Iowa companies are learning to navigate the field of online advertising. Some 50 plus businesses joined a Google seminar at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.
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Iowans could win cash and other prizes while playing fantasy sports under Senate Study Bill 3108, which was approved Wednesday by a three-member Iowa Senate subcommittee. Read more


Fantasy sports have grown in popularity among avid sports fans but playing for earnings is illegal in Iowa. State lawmakers are hoping to remove any legal problems for fantasy sports enthusiasts, which means participants could begin to cash in on their time spent pouring over statistics
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Google spent more than a billion dollars on infrastructure in the fourth quarter, representing the company’s second-biggest quarterly expenditure ever. As it competes against Facebook, Apple, Yelp and Amazon, the company can’t afford to stop building data centers now. Read more


Cedar Rapids Gazette Editorial, 1/22/13 Read more


Campaigns & Elections magazine published its listing of the Top 500 Influencers in the U.S., and the Top 11 in Iowa... Read more


Google Inc. searched for land for its data centers and got lucky in Iowa, a state better known for cornfields than computers. Read more


PolicyWorks, a Des Moines-based public affairs and public relations firm, said today it’s established a key strategic partnership with Selzer & Co., a nationally known public-opinion research firm based in West Des Moines. Read more


Google will invest an additional $200 million in its Council Bluffs data center operations, bringing its Iowa capital investment to $1.1 billion, the tech giant said Friday at a news conference with Gov. Terry Branstad and other leaders in Des Moines. Read more


Iowa has the highest uranium concentration in the nation. As uranium breaks down it releases radon gas that has potential to cause lung cancer. The gas rises up through an estimated three-quarters of the homes and building foundations in Iowa. Read more


Iowa is a hotbed for elevated levels of radon, a naturally occurring, odorless, colorless, radioactive gas that seeps from the soil into the basements of homes. Read more

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