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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of smart, energetic, likeable leaders. We have decades of expertise in the legislative and public relations arenas.  We will work passionately to advance your interests.

Justin Hupfer

As CEO of PolicyWorks, Justin Hupfer is responsible for the overall operations, business development and achievement of client objectives. Read more...

Jessica Maldonado
Vice President of Public Affairs

As Vice President of Public Affairs, Jessica assists clients with public affairs, public relations, event management, grassroots communication and more. Read more…

Keisha Knepper

Manager, Administrative and Client Support

As Sr. Administrative Support Coordinator, Keisha provides support for all PolicyWorks Iowa staff and assists with various client communications and scheduling. Read more…

McKinley Fisk
Creative Specialist

McKinley manages social media outlets and assists in the creation of content for clients. Read more...

Megan (1).png
Megan Hurd
Social Media Coordinator

In her role as Social Media Coordinator, Megan plays a crucial part in overseeing clients' social media accounts. Read more...

John Cacciatore 
Senior Vice President

John provides strategic counsel for clients in the areas of public affairs, grassroots advocacy and government affairs, and is involved in all aspects of business development. Read more...

Madison Grady

Director of Government Affairs

As the Director of Government Affairs, Madison directs ICUL’s statehouse and executive branch lobbying efforts, engages in policy initiatives and more. Read more…

Natalie Mahoney
Public Affairs Manager

Natalie assists clients with social media, event management, public relations and grassroots communications. Read more...

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Brittany Freeman 
Political Action & Grassroots Manager

Brittany works to strengthen the grassroots advocacy efforts and political action fundraising for Iowa's credit unions. Read more...

Lon Anderson
Government Affairs Consultant

Lon has almost 30 years of experience in politics and government. He has been a multi-client lobbyist since 2015, serving a number of non- and for-profit clients. Read more...

Christopher Rants

As a PolicyWorks partner, Christopher provides strategic government affairs counsel for clients. Read more…

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