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Credit Union Day at the Fair


The PolicyWorks team helped organize and coordinate Credit Union Day at the Iowa State Fair. Knowing that the fair is one of the state's biggest event of the year, the PW team decided that this would be a great time to not only educate Iowans about credit unions, but also celebrate and share stories of how credit unions helped members in times of need. 

To prepare for the event, PolicyWorks set-up a volunteer program, where volunteers from various credit unions in Iowa graciously offered to volunteer their time for the day and manage one of the stations inside the booth. 

Combining our volunteer program and a robust social media campaign prior to the event, PW staffers helped spread the word on credit unions. This same day was also legislative day at the fair, which gave legislators an additional opportunity to hear from credit union advocates directly. 

On the day of the event, hundreds of Iowans stopped by and enjoyed interactive, credit union-themed activities in the booth.  Governor Kim Reynolds and additional state legislators also attended, talked with employees and stopped for a selfie at the selfie booth. 

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