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Grassroots Advocacy

With the right tools, anyone can become an advocate. Organizations that effectively blend education and resources with a simple call to action are the most successful at mobilizing a community of people. Representing clients from a multitude of industries, we regularly leverage the powerful impact of grassroots engagement. The result? Policymakers hear firsthand, and directly, from their constituents, voters and citizens. 

Educating & Training

  • Offer in-person and virtual training options

  • Knowledge is power – we offer trainings that will empower your advocates to take action

  • Cover topics ranging from the legislative process 101 to social media and messaging

  • Trainings are interactive and discussion-based

Materials Development

  • Communicating your issue, educating policymakers or the public

  • Toolkits, one pagers, infographics

Advocate Engagement

  • If starting from scratch, we can help identify and build a base of individuals passionate about your issue

  • Provide them the tools and opportunities to turn passion into action

  • Writing letters to the editor, coordinating large-scale email calls to action, or organizing a lobby day at the State Capitol

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you tell your story.

Client Testimonial


“PolicyWorks has led the strategy and execution of grassroots efforts for the Iowa Credit Union League for many years.  Finding new and effective ways to engage our 1.3 million credit union members with elected officials is important to our advocacy efforts and PolicyWorks has been key to our success.”

- Murray Williams, CEO of the Iowa Credit Union League

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