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Learn About Lon Anderson: Government Affairs Consultant


Lon Anderson is a Government Affairs Consultant for PolicyWorks with many years of political experience. He has a BA degree in Business Administration from Buena Vista College in Storm Lake, Iowa, with a minor in political science. Lon has been a multi-client lobbyist since 2015, serving a number of non-profit and for-profit clients.

Prior to that, Lon served as the Chief Deputy Director of the Department of Administrative Services (DAS). In this capacity, Lon served as chief financial officer for the department and was a leader in the effort to achieve Governor Terry Branstad's goal of reducing the cost of state government by at least 15 percent.

In addition, Lon has worked as a staff assistant for Congressman Fred Grandy, was a field staffer for the presidential campaign of Senator Lamar Alexander, and was the lead staffer for the House Appropriations Committee for the Iowa House Republicans.

Getting Started in Politics

Lon never planned on getting into politics. However, a business professor at Buena Vista College encouraged him to intern with Congressman Fred Grandy. During the first Gulf War, Lon accompanied Grandy to town halls that he held to get his constituents' opinions on the war. After that, Lon still planned on getting his law degree and going into corporate law, but was offered a full-time job in the Congressman's district office...the rest is history.

Lon and his daughter


Lon is inspired by his clients' values, which coupled with his desire to provide for his family, is what motivates him to get up and go to work everyday.

Lon says, "I am proud that we mostly fight for the little guy. Whether it is on behalf of patients having access to prescription drugs, those with mental health issues, financial institutions, or fire fighters who risk their lives to keep people safe, we are almost always opposed by a much larger and more powerful entity. Being able to overcome such opposition on behalf of our clients is exciting and rewarding."

Advice For Someone Starting Their First Job

"If pursuing a career in politics, volunteer on a campaign or for the state party. Work hard and impress those in charge. Start by becoming a clerk or intern for a state senator or representative," says Lon.

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